Monday, 29 September 2008

Reality Hits !

OK now the fun has started!!, training schedual is firmly in place and my brain has caught up with the fact that were going 5.5km straight up and then playing cricket or at least the team will i'll be reclined on the floor close by watching. I've deceided that i'm cycling to work 12.5mile each way 5 times a week plus swimming, running, walking yoga and the gym or wii fit as we call it. I have also discovered that my 6 year old boy Freddie is a good fit for my ruck sack, so I have taken to walking him back from school in it which is harder than it sounds. 30 weeks to GO !! on that note i'm going for a run.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

First Blog for everest

Ha ha got the whole blogg thing humming now !!

Excuse me as i guess you can tell this is blog 1 of many. So were going to everest to play cricket ooohhh man this is going to be one spectacular trip. For those of you who don't know Mr Kirtley the mad brain behind this venture has arranged for 52 people to go play the highest game of cricket ever in aid of sport relief and save a child plus local charity in nepal! ( although i'm also looking for the accolade of the highest fag ever smoked with out passing out and possibly the highest ever swing ball match on record ) egg and spoon is also a possibility

Raising money is what this is all about so if your reading this blog U OWE ME SOME CASH !!! hopefully i'll have the whole donate your inheritance to us, web page up soon but in the mean time just pledge your cash to

now where did i put that yetti suit ?